Depends on location and clients requirements but within 48hrs
  • Test and interviewing process
  • Run a background checks of all the information supplied
  • Ensure that their guarantor is also checked
  • Medical fitness checks
  • LG and town checks bases on recommendation from the LG
  • Past working experience checks
  • Checks with police for criminal records
  • Orientation/Training
  • On site training
  • Continuous training based on client's feedback
Flexibility depend on the clients, asset to be protected and the threat associated with the asset, the existing security and how vulnerable it is.
Our word is our integrity, if we give our word and the contract is sign, our demand is met, then we will show up at the agreed time.
We can cover any part that our service is needed, it is subject to the level and type of service required.
It depends on type of asset to be secured, number of Guards required, location, existing security, others.
We have physical supervision PHONE(voice call, video calls, WhatsApp signing in and etc) supervision using biometrics such as fingerprint, facetime, for patrol clocking. Handing over/taking over report.
Yes, conducive environment like security office, table, seat, illumination at night where possible, good hight of perimeter fence if it is a compound or station, Access gate. Where necessary depending on the contract bomb detector, handheld scanner etc.